Command Line Crypter


Utility Name: Command Line Crypter

Version: 1.0

Release Date: 31/10/2010

OS Support: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


Command Line Crypter application was developed to be a simple to use command line file encryption / decryption utility, useful to run from a batch file or a script. The encryption is based on standard AES-256 cipher and SHA-512 for the hash function.

This utility is portable.

To successfully encrypt or decrypt a file, you need to provide the next information:

Action: encrypt or decrypt.
Source: this is the full path and file name of the file you need to encrypt or decrypt.
Destination: this is new created output file (encrypted or decrypted).
Passphrase: this is the "password" encryption key.
Delete source: should we delete the source file or not.

Based on that, here is the command line usage:

Action flags: -e = encrypt -d = decrypt -? = show info
Delete source flags: -y = Yes -n = No

Single file encryption / decryption:
The next example shows how to encrypt the file c:\test\file.ext, to create a new encrypted file c:\temp\newfile.any, use 123456 as the key (password) and delete the source file:
crp -e c:\test\file.ext c:\temp\newfile.any 123456 -y

Using wildcards
The next example shows how to encrypt all files with the txt extension in a folder, when using wildcards the destination file should always be *.*, Command Line Crypter will create the new files with the same name as the source files and with a .crp as the extension:
crp -e *.txt *.* 1234 -n

If the file to process is not in the same folder as crp.exe, then you should type the full path for the file source and destination. If there is a space in the files path, then you should put the path inside double quotes.