My Shell Folder

My Shell Folder

Utility Name: My Shell Folder

Version: 1.0

Release Date: 31/07/2008

Supported OS: Windows 32bit XP, Vista, 7, should run also on Windows 8 but was never tested


Did you ever wanted to create your own custom shell folders (like "my documents") that will stay on your desktop or in my computer and can not be deleted or renamed ?

With "My Shell Folder" it takes only four quick steps:

1. Enter a name for your folder

2. Point to the target folder

3. Select the folder icon

4. Click create

Press F5 (refresh) at the desktop or at "my computer" and you have your own custom shell folder.

Using "My Shell Folder" you can easily delete your own shell folders, deleting you own shell folders will not delete the content of the actual folder as the shell folders are only pointers to the actual folder.

My Shell Folder is a portable application.