Start 4 Seven

Start 4 Seven

Utility Name: Start 4 Seven

Version: 1.0

Release Date: 05/10/2011

Supported OS: Windows 7, 8


Bring your XP Start button back.

A Lot of Windows 7 users are looking for a way to restore the classic Windows XP start menu on a Windows 7 machine.
There are some tweaking tools that can replace the Windows 7 start menu or you can tweak the registry and use the Windows 7 favorites as a start menu, etc.

How about a different approach to this issue ?

Imagine a small executable (369kb only), portable (no installation, can be executed from a USB stick), without any system modification, no tweaks, no changes to the existing Windows 7 (or 8) start menu, and completely free to use.

All you get is what you wanted..., the old good green classic start button with the classic start menu, you can pin the button into one of 5 different desktop positions (right click on the button), now left click the button and here we go with your classic start menu.

Start 4 Seven is a portable application without any installation and without any system modifications or tweaking.

Although Start 4 Seven was developed for Windows 7, many users reported that it works fine on Windows 8 also, this was never tested by LeeLu Soft, but many users insists they tested it and it works just fine.

Please read the included Readme.txt file for additional important information.