Utility Name: Sub4Del

Version: 1.0

Release Date: 06/04/2013

Supported OS: Windows All


Keeping you computer clean can be a challenging task. No matter what top of the line file manager you use or how developed your OCD for tidiness is, at some point you’re bound to have an undetermined number of empty folders that serve no purpose.

Sub4Del is a lightweight tool that adds a ‘Remove Empty Sub Folders’ entry to the shell context menu. This allows you to quickly and easily remove any empty folders that reside inside a larger directory. With a simple right click all folders are deleted, on all levels.

When executed directly, the application makes changes to the system registry in order to make the menu addition so you need to run the application in in administrator mode to be able to use it.

Sub4Del is a portable application.

Interface-wise Sub4Del is a context menu entry so besides the settings panel there isn’t much to discuss. From there you are able to activate the new option for the context menu, and have the application display a message after the folders are deleted.

Though Sub4Del only deletes empty folders, you can set the application to ask you before you remove any folders.

Sub4Del is a genuinely practical application. It rids you of any number of empty folders in less than a second and helps you keep your computer clean and well organized.