Virtual Drives Manager


Utility Name: Virtual Drives Manager

Version: 1.0

Release Date: 24/11/2009

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, Should run on Windows 8 but was never tested


There are a lot of reasons why we need sometimes to create a virtual drive that is pointing to an existing folder on a local drive.

There are some annoying applications that insist on being installed to a specific drive or to the root of a drive, sometimes you just want to logically divide your existing hard drive for different users, or to create a quick access to a long path directly from My Computer, or for some security reasons, etc.

The Virtual Drives Manager application was designed to be a small tool that let you in a quick way, create a Simbolic link (AKA MS-DOS Device name) to a folder and present it as drive.

Drives that are created with Virtual Drives Manager will stay even efter you will restart your system, and you can quickly remove them with Virtual Drives Manager.

Virtual Drives Manager is available in a GUI version and also in a command line version and both are portable applications.