Watch 4 Folder


Utility Name: Watch 4 Folder

Version: 2.5.1

Release Date: 05/07/2013

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8


Watch 4 Folder 2.5 - a folder monitoring and automation utility that can monitor up to 4 different folders simultaneously for 12 kinds of events and react for each event with different kind of actions.

It can also react for each event with different kind of actions like writing to a log file, display different kind of messages or executing a program, batch or script.

W4F can also return the changed object (file, folder, etc.) as an argument to the executed program batch or script so you can predefine automation process for this object, for example you can monitor a folder for new files and when a new file is created you can print the new file or move the file to a different location, open it with a program you want or any other manipulation you need.

The program maintains a live log that logs every event, action or settings changes.
W4F can run in the background from the system tray and use minimum resources and can auto start with different configurations using command line parameters.

W4F 2.5 versions differences:

• Free version – this version is limited to a single folder monitoring, which means you can monitor only one folder at a time, this version if free to download and use with no other limitations.
The free version is distributed as installation package and as ZIP archive, after the installation process, the program is portable and can be moved and executed from a different location or different computer.

Registered version (4.99US$) – this version let you monitor up to four folders simultaneously.
The registered version is distributed in a single ZIP archive file without installation, it is portable and can be moved and executed from any location on the same computer, but can't be executed from a different computer (registration is per machine).