Watch 4 Start


Utility Name: Watch 4 Start

Version: 1.0

Release Date: 24/06/2014

Supported OS: Watch 4 Start 1.0 is a 32bit application, it was developed on Windows 7 Professional 32bit, it was also tested on Windows XP Professional 32bit.

It was never tested on Windows 64bit systems, it should run but it may not have access to monitor the 64bit machine runs, so it may miss some of the machine runs changes but this was never tested.


When a Microsoft Windows OS starts, it can auto load programs from different locations like special registry keys, special startup folders and initialization files.
In some cases, applications are adding themselves to those auto loading locations without even asking or notifying the user, and on the next restart, the user is "surprised" to find different applications popping out from nowhere or running in the background without his permission.

Watch 4 Start is a simple to use and powerful monitoring and automation tool to monitor changes in those startup locations.
It is a small, portable, with small footprint and simple to use utility.

Watch 4 Start doesn't prevent or block applications from modifying any of the startup locations, it will just inform you about the changes and will point you the change location.
It is your decision if you want to keep the changes or not.
Watch 4 Start can also execute actions when a change occurs.