XP Quick Fix Plus

XP Quick Fix Plus

Utility Name: XP Quick Fix Plus


Release Date: 21/10/2009

Supported OS: Windows XP


If you want a fast, portable and easy way to fix the most commonly found problems in Windows XP, then take a look at XP Quick Fix Plus.

There are many pieces of complex software out there that can do an extensive scan on your computer, and display various solutions, but sometimes you just want a one-click fix.

XP Quick Fix Plus is a tiny utility tool that does exactly what its name suggests: quickly fixes various system errors found in XP.

It is a portable software, so you can store it on an external device and use it on any computer.

The user interface is so simple that it doesn't even have need help file, settings, or other features.

There are forty fixes available for Windows that can be directly accessed from here, and by "accessed" we actually mean "fixed".

When you hover your mouse over a tool, you can view an explanatory text below where you learn what the commonly found problems behind system errors are.

By clicking the respective tool, XP Quick Fix Plus will attempt to fix the error. You will instantly see a message that tells you the task was either successful or a failure.